Queenstown Photography Studio

There is nothing like us...

A Blank Canvas

Up Studios is covering 250m2 has the all important high ceiling of 6m so you can use booms and large set up with out any problems or have any unwanted bounce of light. The shooting floor area is  approx 100m2 downstairs with a max shooting distance of 11m.

The Studio is set on a corner and studio gets morning sun and the rest of the day it has indirect sunlight form South & north east facing windows. It has 13 motorised black blinds that can be used individually to control the daylight

The studio is painted white with a white concrete floor.

Our mezzanine can  be used as a viewing deck and elevated shooting space for the main studio. The mezzanine is set up as lounge space in one corner with a glass table and a Samsung Frame TV as well as a great selection pf photography books. There is also a meeting table and several work stations.  The studio also have 2 break out rooms that can be use for post production, make up or changing rooms.

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